4/23-4/29 Finishing up the Food Reference Drawing

This was a productive week overall

I finally sat back down with the reference drawing that I started last month (March). It was so refreshing to just be at the drafting table getting work done. I feel like I’ve gotten into a rut of just working then gaming and I really do need to work on getting art time in daily.

So much of my issue with going back to this piece was getting bored with the wood of the table. I found that there wasn’t as much texture to dive into as I wanted. Certainly no where close to how amazing the tree reference drawing I did recently was.

After I forced myself back into this week, I found myself filling in everything as rapidly as possible. I was quite excited to get down to the cake and plate.

My favorite part of the entire piece to work on was definitely filling in the plate. The artwork really came together afterwards as the contrast was sorely needed.

So you might be wondering, why go back to it at all if you’re not enjoying it? I’ve set a standard for myself this year to finish every piece that I start. Last year I got really bogged down with work and I was so distracted every night that I finished very little. Overall I am not very happy with how little I got done last year so I want to do better this year. I have been working on better work-life balance and part of that is going to be incorporating more art into my nightly routine.

Moving forward I am going to strive to complete 1 to 2 reference drawings and at least 1 illustration monthly.

I am also currently looking into more print options for my work as I’m not currently at a place where I can invest into my own printing equipment.


This is all assuming that my kitty stops stealing my spot and lets me actually get things done.

In non art news, I continue to sit in the Diablo 4 waiting room. I’ll get to leave this room briefly next month before returning until the game’s full release in June. This feels so far away still. In the meantime I have been working on getting through my game backlog.

Things were going fine and I was completing some indie games. Then.

Roots of Pacha dropped this week. I think this is likely going to occupy all of my time until D4 releases. This has got to be the cutest game since Stardew Valley in the farming sim genre. I am beyond addicted and recommend anyone who likes these kinda of games to give it a shot. There was a ton of love put into this game all around and it really just shows.

Catch up again next week!

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